A living wage is a human right.

A message from VP/FST Nancy Lapointe:

Last Monday I went to meet with managers from Canadian Tire and L’Équipeur at Marché Central.

The goal was to sensitize them to the fact that part of the production of clothing sold at L’Équipeur stores (owned by Canadian Tire) takes place in Bangladesh, done by people who do not even receive a living wage that would permit them to see to the basic needs of their families in terms of food, lodging, water, electricity, healthcare, education, transportation and savings. 

A living wage is a human right.

A woman working at an entry-level job at a factory commissioned by L’Équipeur or Canadian Tire makes as little as $120 per month (about $1,440 per year). At that rate, it would take her 25 years to earn what CEO Greg Hicks makes in two weeks.

Tell Greg Hicks (CEO OF Canadian Tire) to pay his supply chain workers a decent wage by signing the petition at: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/living-wage-for-garment-workers/